In Pursuit of Purpose

By — Mbiotidem Bassey

Is a one-stop life manual, for the individual who is dissatisfied and frustrated with his or her current results and the endless loops of failures and setbacks.



In Pursuit of Purpose is a one stop life manual, for the individuals who are discontented with their current results, the endless loops of set-backs and are desperately desiring a break.

    This book answers four pivotal questions:

  • Who am I? (Identity)
  • Why am I here? (Purpose)
  • How can I produce different? (Achievement)
  • How can I have joy, happiness and peace? (Fulfillment)

The author outlines five core principles that are central to achieving the success you desire. Understanding and applying these principles would ensure you are catapulted to the life of your dreams in your career, business, relationships and finance.

Success is never accidental and failure is never final. You can dream again; you can try again, but this time don’t attempt it without a plan. By following these five proven steps, you can achieve an uncommon life NOW! Get ready to be inspired, and motivated to accomplish bigger, and greater things in your life as you open the pages of this timely book. I can’t wait to see you at the top!

Living Life Without Limb ITS


Mbiotidem Bassey is a passionate transformational speaker, life and business coach who specializes in helping individuals smash through their mental and emotional blocks, freeing them to walk in their purpose, achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.

Mr. Bassey’s leadership, and coaching experiences spans eighteen plus years in the corporate and non-profit sectors both in the United States America and Africa. His unrivaled ability to identify operational loopholes in company’s practices, offer practicable solutions and create systems has increased the efficiency and monetary savings of his clients and employers.

Mr. Bassey is a sought-after speaker and trainer who has mastered the art of motivating and training audiences to tackle big and audacious goals in their life, career and business with successful outcomes. He is a committed student of personal development and has a voracious appetite for knowledge and wisdom.